Mastering Complex Enterprise SAAS Apps & pushing pixels to perfection.

Modern Title Software

Senior Product Designer @ Qualia


I'm currently supporting the network effect among sellers, buyers, lenders, realtors, and title agencies. Ensuring seamless integration of AI features into the optimal user experience. These AI capabilities encompass streamlining order intake processes and fostering efficient agent communication. Coordinating closely with our skilled development team, we adhere to a bi-weekly release schedule to maintain momentum and agility. As part of a compact design team, my responsibilities span documenting current workflows, introducing novel features, refining existing ones, and discerning avenues for team growth.

I thrive in a fast-paced environment where teams utilize lean design methods to succeed.

Guided Pathways for Students

Principal Interaction Designer @ Oracle - Higher Education

My Objective

As a part of a high-performing UX team, I led the design efforts for key aspects of a new cloud-based Student Information System (SIS). Our focus was on improving student outcomes and optimizing the Student Life Cycle. I specifically worked on data loading, communications, query management, advisor experience, and student experience, while also contributing 
to impactful demos showcasing 
our vision for the complete student life cycle.

Connected Field Workers

Staff Designer @ GE - Global Software Center

My Objective

To bridge the knowledge gap between experienced field workers and their successors, while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and minimizing friction in current processes. By conducting user observations and facilitating stakeholder workshops, we obtained valuable insights into the requirements and challenges faced by all stakeholders involved.

I have deep expertise in designing functional areas of enterprise applications.

  • Data Acquisition

    Collects and captures data from various sources, providing raw material for further processing.

  • Data Transformation

    Converts, cleans, and enriches raw data, transforming it into a usable format.

  • Data Querying

    Allows users to retrieve specific information from the application’s database, enabling efficient data search and analysis.

  • Record CRUD

    Manipulates records (data entries) within the application, allowing users to create, view, edit, and delete records.

  • Rules Engine

    Executes predefined business rules or logic, automating decision-making based on conditions.

  • Workflow Engine

    Manages complex processes or sequences of tasks, ensuring efficient task execution and adherence to business processes.

  • Reporting

    Generates summaries, charts, or visualizations from application data, providing insights for decision-making and performance evaluation.

  • Administration

    Manages application configuration, user access, and security, ensuring smooth operation and system settings.

  • Data Publishing

    Makes processed data available to users or other systems, facilitating sharing of insights and reports.

  • Communications

    Handles interactions between users, systems, or external services, enabling notifications, alerts, and real-time collaboration.

  • Tasks

    Represents individual units of work within the application, organizing work management and task tracking.

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